The Cross-Atlantic Network of Excellence in Marine Science


The Cross-Atlantic Network of Excellence in Marine Science (CANEMS) is an initiative developed by the TRIATLAS project under WP10.

This network combines summer schools, student exchange programmes, sea-going training and academic teaching in a highly interdisciplinary and sustainable context.

CANEMS is intended to support young researchers not only during one certain period but to serve as network with a multi-year perspective so that several steps of their careers can be accomplished within the CANEMS community. This makes the CANEMS concept different to other interdisciplinary approaches which often have a stronger short-term component.

It is a new frame for South-South-North collaborations around the Atlantic and may therefore establish the foundation for a longer lasting science cooperation which has been established in parts of the North Atlantic (ICES) and Pacific (PICES).


Job Opportunities

 Postdoctoral Researcher in Ecological Modeling and Marine Ecosystem Services at the Ecology and Evolution Department, Universidade Federal de Santa Maria, in Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil – Are you interested in ecosystem functions, services and the responses of biodiversity to global change? You also feel like tackling relevant questions in your work, and improve people’s livelihood? You have always wanted to work with marine ecosystems, especially reefs? All of this is possible within our project “Brazilian reefs in the Anthropocene”.


Postdoctoral Researcher position in Oceanology at the Universidade Federal do Rio Grande – FURG – The applications for the Postgraduate Program in Oceanology (PPGO) are now open! The goal of the Program is to provide professionals with skills to carry out academic and scientific study as well as applied work in the area of Physical, Chemical and Geological Oceanography.

Application deadline: April 9th, 2020.


Training Opportunities

CLIVAR-FIO Summer School on ‘Ocean Macroturbulence and Its Role in Earth’s Climate’ at the First Institute of Oceanography, Ministry of Natural Resources in Qingdao, China – from July 6 to 11, 2020 –  Are you an early career scientists with research interests in ocean and climate? Then this summer school is for you! Led by experts in ocean macroturbulence, it will focus on the interactions of ocean meso-and sub-mesoscale motions with Earth’s climate system.

Application deadline: 27 March 2020, 24:00 GMT+8



Combine the academic infrastructure and strength of TRIATLAS institutions to foster graduate studies in Marine Sciences in the Atlantic Ocean.

University programmes, potential supervisors and research themes, and funding opportunities will be advertised on the CANEMS portal.

Knowledge exchange within the network to strengthen individual programmes, foster a next generation of young scientists, and contribute to the scope of BG-08 and the Belém statement to promote and facilitate human capital development and scientific exchange.

Foster short term student visits to a foreign institution to attend courses and develop studies as part of a degree.

Implement cotutelle degree among universities participating in TRIATLAS.

Fund missions of scientists to lecture at graduate programmes from the network.

Promote the TRIATLAS Summer Schools/Workshops.

Promote hands on training in all fields of marine sciences on board of research vessels involved in TRIATLAS.

This portal provides you with information on resources, programmes and activities that will help improve human resources training in the institutions participating in TRIATLAS and other programmes in the Atlantic.

It is also an information point on initiatives proposed by TRIATLAS participants: summer schools, onboard training, student and researcher exchanges.

For more information about the CANEMS programme, contact us!