CANEMS mini–grants

The Cross-Atlantic Network of Excellence in Marine Science (CANEMS) is a program initiated by TRIATLAS Project to support capacity strengthening across the Atlantic. CANEMS has an open call for mini-grants to help consolidate research and training efforts in the final phase of the project.

Who can apply?

All Early Career Researchers (ERCs)* working under the TRIATLAS Project, performing any of the project tasks, therefore, contributing to its deliverables and milestones are welcome to apply. 

*All masters degree and PhD students, and post-doctoral fellows regardless of their age are considered ERCs in the TRIATLAS Project

What can be supported?

  • Research exchange between TRIATLAS partner institutes
  • Participation in relevant summer schools
  • Other novel ideas

How much funding is available?

Funding for mini-grants is limited, and individual grants are not expected to exceed 5000 Euro. EU’s financial eligibility rules apply! 

How to apply?

Applications should be brief and not exceed the word limits given in the application form:

Following information must be provided:

  • A description of the purpose of the grant. Motivation for applying.
  • Explain how it will contribute to the goals of the CANEMS and to the TRIATLAS objectives in general. Please be as specific as possible, i.e., mention relevance to tasks, milestones, deliverables, where applicable.
  • CV (one-page, in PDF, must have “post-secondary education”, “scientific background and interests”, “work experience and skills” sections.)
  • Timeline (activity must be completed by November 30, 2023)
  • Budget (subject to approval)

The application deadline is March 15th. Applications after this deadline may be considered if funding is available. 

How will applications be evaluated?

CANEMS and TRIATLAS management will review all applications and rank them according to the relevance to CANEMS goals, TRIATLAS objectives, and feasibility.

All applicants will receive an acknowledgement email once they submit their application, however, only those who are granted CANEMS funds will be contacted again. 

Feel free to send an email to with the subject line “CANEMS mini-grants” should you have any questions.