EuroSea Symposium on Ocean Observing and Forecasting

EuroSea Symposium on Ocean Observing and Forecasting is a high-level event bringing together national and international stakeholders from policy, science, and industry. This symposium will take place on September 21, 2023, at the IOC/UNESCO Headquarters in Paris.

The EuroSea Symposium is a momentous occasion to celebrate the remarkable innovations in European ocean observing and forecasting over recent years. It will serve as a platform for participants to reflect on past achievements and address the challenges that lie ahead in this vital field. The event aims to present and discuss recommendations for building a sustainable ocean observing and forecasting system that provides accessible, timely, and actionable data and information to all ocean users. By fostering collaboration between diverse stakeholders, including policymakers, scientists, and industry leaders, the symposium strives to develop a unified approach to ocean research and forecasting.

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