Deliverables & Milestones

Milestones Deliverables



Table of Milestones in the First Reporting Period (1-18 months)

Milestone number: title WPs involved / Lead institute Month due Achieved?

/ Month

Format # of pages
MS1: TRIATLAS website WP13, WP14 / (UiB) M3 Yes / M2 Website N/A (see.
MS2: Data management framework established WP12 / (UiB) M6 Yes / M6 Report  led to D29 (D12.1) 6 pp. (same as D12.1) (1)
MS3: Compilation of sources to identify and quantify where possible human activities affecting marine ecosystems WP4 / (CAU) M3 Yes / M5 Document (list) 6 pp.
MS4: Initial agreement on common protocols and best practices for data collection (physical, biochemical, acoustic and biological) WP1, WP2, WP3, WP12 / (GEOMAR) M6 Yes / M6 Document (table) 8 pp.
MS5: Establishment of a list of stakeholder contact points for all relevant sectors WP4, WP13 / (CAU) M6 Yes / M12 Report  led to D10 (D4.2) 24 pp. (same as D4.2)
MS6: Recommendations on key climate and biogeochemical diagnostics and protocol for coordinated predictability experiments between climate and ecosystem modellers WP7, WP8, WP11 / (Meteo-France) M6 Yes / M7  M16 Document (table) 20 pp.
MS7: Cross-Atlantic Network of Excellence in Marine Science portal WP10 (FURG) M6 Yes / M7 Website N/A (see.
MS8: List of observed data products including human social drivers that will be available to understand long-term ecosystem changes for all case study regions WP5, WP6, WP7, WP8, WP9, WP12 / (UCM) M12 Yes / M12 Document (table) MS-Excel table (2)
MS9: Interdisciplinary summer school on prediction of the Atlantic ecosystem to be held in the first half of 2020 WP10 / (FURG) M12 Yes / M8 Website + Report (4pp.) (
MS27: PEDR and CP draft first update WP13, WP14 (UiB) M3 Yes / M3 Draft document 1 pp.
MS28: PEDR and CP draft update WP13, WP14 (UiB) M9 Yes / M15 Report (Demonstrator)  led to D14.1 27 pp. (same as D14.1)

Table of Deliverables

D # Deliverable title Responsible


Date due
D5.1 Food web metrics and physico-chemical and biological process rates of open ocean and neritic communities UFPE M24 – May31, 2021.
D8.1 Mid-term assessment of predictability and climate change for climate and biogeochemical variables relevant for marine ecosystems BSC M24 – May31, 2021.
D9.1 Mid-project report on the improvements of integrated ecosystem models and configuration in each of the regional case-study regions CSIC M24 – May31, 2021.
D11.1 Quantified SSPs for use in ecosystem models CAU M24 – May31, 2021.
D1.1 Dynamical characterisation of selected seamounts/islands/shelf-break systems in the tropical Atlantic and implications for conservation efforts UFPE M26 – July 31, 2021.
D2.1 Phytoplankton biomass, primary production and size structure ULPGC M30 – November 30, 2021.
D6.1 Validation of TRIATLAS ESMs using observed and mapped physical and biogeochemical metrics in TRIATLAS case study regions CERFACS M30 – November 30, 2021.
D7.1 Large-scale physical drivers of climate variability and extremes, including marine heatwaves, that affect ecosystem variability, change and stability UFSC M30 – November 30, 2021.
D1.3 Role of ocean mesoscale in driving ecosystem responses ENS M36 – May 31, 2022.
D2.3 Zooplankton and micronekton vertical migration patterns and associated biogeochemical fluxes INIP M36 – May 31, 2022.
D3.2 Comparative trophic structure of 4 LMEs in Central and South Atlantic investigated with standardised methodologies ZMT M36 – May 31, 2022.
D10.1 Description of seagoing training activities FURG M36 – May 31, 2022.
D11.4 Assessment of the anchoita fisheries and its conversion to a consumption fisheries FURG M36 – May 31, 2022.
D13.2 Summary of events with stakeholders and policy makers UIB UiB M36 – May 31, 2022.