Two recent publications to demonstrate the essence of the TRIATLAS project

There are many scientific articles published in prestigious journals – too many to mention here – but we would like to present two of the very recent publications which demonstrate the essence of the TRIATLAS project very well.

“Overfishing species on the move may burden seafood provision in the low-latitude Atlantic Ocean” published in the high-ranking journal Science of the Total Environment by international team of TRIATLAS scientists from both sides of the Atlantic Ocean (Brazil, South Africa and Spain).

Environmental drivers of upper mesopelagic fish assemblages in the Benguela Upwelling System” by the TRIATLAS co-coordinator, Heino Fock, and his group at the Thünen Institute. The first author of this paper, Sabrina Duncan, is an early career researcher who won an excellent research prize.

These two papers are good examples of how TRIATLAS is contributing to scientific knowledge, sustainable management of marine resources, and educational capacity development.

The full list of scientific publications will be included in the second periodic report.