Making spatial-temporal marine ecosystem modelling better – A perspective

Jeroen Steenbek, work package 9 co-leader, and several researchers from TRIATLAS and other projects writes a perspective on ecosystem modelling in Environmental Modelling & Software.


  • Marine Ecosystem Models (MEMs) are rarely systematically validated and calibrated.
  • This can potentially undermine the credibility and uptake of model output in the policy arenas where it is so direly needed.
  • Suggestions to assess model skill, uncertainty, and confidence abound in the literature, but applications are mostly lacking.
  • We identify the main technical hurdles that prevent the MEM community from moving forward, and specify a resolving framework.
  • We call on the MEM community to create collaboratively such a framework to produce model results with more confidence.

Read the full article (in pre-print as of publishing) on Science Direct, published under Creative Commons license.