WP13 – Dissemination and Communication

Professional staff (Bjerknes Centre) will ensure a streamlined coordination of all dissemination and communication activities, with particular focus on achieving SO6. Clustering with other projects funded under BG-08-2018/19 and other relevant calls will insure the integration of TRIATLAS activities with other relevant projects and programmes in the field (Section 1.3a). In dialogue with regional stakeholders and relevant European Commission (EC) services (DG R&I) (for example, through our Project Officer and UiB’s office in Brussels), we will prepare fact sheets and align TRIATLAS so as to contribute to the implementation of EU Integrated Maritime Policy and its related Atlantic Strategy and Action Plan and the South- South Framework for Scientific and Technical Cooperation. Thus, we will contribute to upscale cooperation along and across the Atlantic Ocean as a whole.

Work package leader: Andreas Hadsel Opsvik, UiB and BCCR