WP12 – Data management

Professional staff from the Bjerknes Climate Data Centre will ensure an efficient use of resources and will steward all generated data and ensure its integration with all Atlantic observing and modelling activities. A data management plan will ensure curation, preservation and sustainability and open access to all data and results generated following the Open Research Data Pilot and the FAIR data management principles. All results will be open access by the end of the project; intellectual property rights may cause a short delay.

TRIATLAS will utilize a professional web-based collaboration suite with additional components for intermediate data storage and cataloguing as a virtual research environment from the developing research data management. A flexible data sharing portal will provide easy access to historical and all project data, which will be long-term archived in national (e.g. Norway’s National Infrastructure for Research Data, NODC) and international (e.g., OBIS and PANGAEA for observational data; GitHUB for computer code) data archives, making cost-effective use of existing infrastructure. We will develop cost-effective technology to manage and process the large quantities of mobile-phone-collected fisheries data (WP4.1). Public TRIATLAS collected/compiled data and software will be made available to external data portals (e.g., EMODnet, OBIS).

Work package leader: Rocio Castana Primo, UiB and BCCR