WP11 – Ecological, social and economic futures

Ecological, social and economic futures will develop the quantification of the contextualized SSPs for the fisheries in the case study areas as input for the ecosystem models in CT3 by using the draft narratives from WP4 and further consult with relevant stakeholders and experts (including scientists and policy makers). We will also identify possible future pathways for other activities to be used in conceptual modelling to explore possible future development of stressors other than fisheries and climate change. To prioritize and visualize areas of specific concern, we will identify ecological hotspots as well as areas of high maritime activities based on input from WP4, WP5 and WP7. We will develop an ex-ante protocol to investigate the potential to switch from a reduction fishery towards a fishery for human consumption, i.e. Engraulis anchoita.

Work package leader: Hans Sloterdijk, CAU

Work package co-leader: Luciano della Rosa, FURG